Injury Prevention Workshop by Harkness Center for Dance Injuries

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Injury Prevention Workshop by Harkness Center for Dance Injuries

Special Focus Injury Prevention Workshop by Harkness Center for Dance Injuries: Balance and the Spine

 Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM

Where: Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Harkness Center for Dance Injuries (HCDI) is offering a two-part, 90-minute workshop targeted towards dancers and non-dancers alike. Participants are welcome to take one or both parts.

Part 1: SPINE. HCDI Director Marijeanne Liederbach, PT, PhD, will speak briefly about basic anatomy and motions available in the spine, including the most common, avoidable ways people injure their spines. Three very simple floor exercises that can prevent spinal injury will be demonstrated. Following, dance educator Sheila Anozier with percussionist Okai Fleurimont of the Mark Morris Dance Center will teach an Afro-Haitian dance class, with a warm up combination related to the movement concepts introduced by Dr. Liederbach about the spine.

Part 2: BALANCE. Dr. Liederbach will speak about the three anatomic systems involved in balance and describe what base of support is and how that relates to the “limits of stability.” Following her brief presentation, Mark Fucik, creative director of Pilobolus, will develop those themes through participatory movement and dance, illustrating how balance is the foundation for both human movement and dance making.

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