For more than 11 years, FitEngine, Inc., has provided empirical reviews, technical fitness insight, and expertise on wellness programs and fitness classes—a service Tasha Norman felt was sorely needed. In 2001, Tasha, a dancer and athlete, founded FitEngine, Inc. to chart a navigable path to fitness options throughout New York City.

Tasha’s vision for FitEngine has blossomed over the years. It is responsible for creating and producing such events as NYC Dance Week (formerly known as National Dance Week-NYC and first introduced in 2005) and the first Wellness Indulgence Festival in New York City. Today, NYC Dance Week has become one of the most anticipated special events, along with Restaurant Week, Spa Week and Broadway Week.

Here are FitEngine’s Reviews of the 2013 Participating Studios by Style:

West African @ The Ailey Extension
Open Afro Caribbean @ Peridance
Basic-Beg Joneeba African Dance @ Peridance
Beg-Basic Joneeba African @ Peridance

Introduction to Ballet @ Ballet Academy East 
Barre a Terre @ Peridance
Open Conditioning Barre @ Peridance

Hip-Hop / Funk (Bev Brown) @ The Ailey Extension
Slow Intermediate Hip Hop @ Peridance

House @ The Ailey Extension

Intro to Horton @ The Ailey Extension

M.E.L.T. @ The Ailey Extension

Pilates Mat (Open Level) @ Ballet Academy East
Open Yoga/Pilates @ Ballet Academy East

Samba / Afro Brazilian (Quenia Ribeiro) @ The Ailey Extension

Open Yoga/Pilates @ Ballet Academy East
Open Yoga @ Ballet Academy East

Zumba @ The Ailey Extension
Zumba @ Ballet Academy East
Zumba with Alyson Sousa

Beginner @ Physique57
Physique 57 @ Physique57
Physique 57 @ Physique57

Stay tuned for more!