Sponsor Us

As a not-for-profit, NYC Dance Week is funded primarily through the studio participation and the love and passion of its volunteers.

We are hoping to take it to the next level. To do so, we need YOUR help.

While the public participation levels continue to climb and interest peaks, we would like to continue to implement new initiatives and campaigns to continually help spread awareness and emphasize the importance of health and wellness throughout New York City and the Metropolitan area. These types of initiatives cannot be made possible without the help and support of the community!!

Who can sponsor us?

Our door is never closed. We accept monetary sponsorships from ALL types of businesses and organizations seeking to support health and wellness. We also encourage cross promotion and product donation. We will do everything within our capabilities to work out and agreement that fits your wants and needs! For more information on how you can become involved and what it takes to become a sponsor, please reach out to our Sponsorship Coordinator, Heidi Brown