As a not-for-profit, NYC Dance Week is funded primarily through the studio participation and the love and passion of its volunteers. As a supporter, you will be taking part in an extraordinary project that spreads the joy & diversity of dance and making it accessible to everyone.

Dance is one of the oldest art forms that can be seen throughout history dating back to cave paintings to today’s internet videos. It is recognized in every culture around the world whether it is used as a form of symbolic interpretation that can tell a story or as medicine to heal the soul. Today, in New York City, dance is alive! It can be seen on the stages on Broadway to the breakdancers in the tunnels of the subway. It is everywhere and can be found intertwined in the very fabric of New York through centuries and centuries of our city’s history.

We are inviting you and/or your company to be part of history and be recognized as a leader and supporter of the community. This festival brings immense value to the people of New York by encouraging them to be active and to be healthy. I think you will find this a worthwhile opportunity not only for the five boroughs of New York City, but especially you and/your company.

Please contact Heidi Brown for sponsorship opportunities.